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program training 20 minutes


Alone or with the whole family, enjoy the benefits of 20 minutes a day of fitness. For your own wellness!

hotel fitness room


Take care of your customers: make each room a Fitness Room with Hida Compact Fitness! A complete and compact corner gym.

hida personal trainer


Find out new job opportunities! Offer your customers better training sessions without time and space constraints!

hida dynamic architecture


Our compact and multifunctional workout machines are designed to be integrated into any kind of furniture


Take a look at our versatile solutions to free your Fitness.
bottone guarda il portfolio lavori


Improve your service: make each room a unique fitness room!

Reduce the costs

Cut down on the expenses and increase the quality of the fitness offer in your facility. Thanks to our equipment you will be able to offer professional service at an uprecedented price.


Make your hospitality unique and inimitable, we don’t have any limits in personalization.
All our products are designed as per your requirements, it’s a turn-key solution.

No Limits

Every room can transform into a place adapted for fitness training.
No preparation is needed, our solutions easily fit into all kinds of settings and styles.

Customers loyalty

Thanks to our innovative equipment none of your customers will forget your Gym Room.
True innovation cannot be invisible.

Total Privacy

Your customers will experience the best fitness ever directly in the privacy of their Gym Room.

100% Safe

Our fitness service on a turn-key basis offers equipment and training activity which keep away your customers and place in whole from any danger.

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We are looking for you!

Find out which new job opportunities are waiting for you. You can continue working in the shadow of a gym or join a new generation of Personal Trainer.

Try Hida Compact Bench and discover new home fitness! There are no limits of the number of people you can reach and follow up with Hida Compact Bench:

  • Compact
  • Multifunctional
  • Ideal for any training session

Join Hida world and be part of a completely new generation of Personal Trainer.


Try the smartest bench in the world!