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Who we are?

HIDA Srls is an innovative, creative Italian company, which designs, produces and distributes highly technological fitness equipment and workout machines for private home gyms, hotel fitness rooms, corporate gyms, spas, rehabilitation centers, and wherever sport can be practiced

The core idea behind our fitness machines is that a regular physical activity, as well as a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude, are fundamental for good overall health and for keeping a good psychological-physical balance. We are also aware that most people, due to lack of knowledge, time and motivation, fail to achieve their wellness goal. Thanks to our fitness gear, we are promoting and facilitating a healthy lifestyle, which will actually improve quality of life for everyone.

HIDA line – Human Interface for Dynamic Architecture – was created focusing on this purpose. HIDA offers a breakthrough approach to physical exercise thanks to its brand new multifunctional furniture: exclusive hi-tech solutions that can transform interior items (like a simple ottoman) into professional fitness equipments for your personal wellness.

Our core Values


Beyond the wellness!


We have the ambition of recovering, reinforcing and preserving the health of the human body through universal access to appropriate knowledge of nutrition and physical exercise, so that every single expectation can be totally satisfied.


Our misson is to promote wellness, helping people to feel better. Thanks to our innovative fitness solutions, which combine easy-to-use hardware and software devices, we want to make a healthy liftstyle accessible to everyone in their daily lives.

garanzia made in italy

All our products are designed and produced in Italy. We select the best Italian suppliers and we use only high quality materials in order to guarantee outstanding products.