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Do you want to keep fit?

Nowadays a daily workout routine is vital to maintaining good physical health, but often a lack of time, shortage of right devices, lack of motivation, the absence of an adequate place and qualified knowledge impede regular fitness activity.

For this reason HIDA Srls has created an innovative range of fitness equipment which can help anyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The users can have at their disposal a professional compact machine which will help them achieveing their expectations of health and wellness.

HIDA (Human Interface for Dynamic Architecture) is a unique line of professional, compact and multifunctional workout machines fully-equipped with training accessories for physical activity, designed to be integrated into any kind of furniture at home, in office, gym, spas or hotel’s rooms. It provides easy-and-ready-to-use complete home fitness solutions at a competitive price.

Men not satisfied with their body
Men satisfied with their body
Women not satisfied with their body
Women satisfied with their body
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Dynamic Architecture

architettura dinamica - integrazione mobili attrezzature

A balanced physical training and healthy nutrition are indispensable conditions for keeping your health in a good state. In spite of this universally known supposition just a small part of people truly follows it.

The main reason refers to a “static model” of access and usage that connects peoples’ needs to places where they can be satisfied.

Dynamic architecture, applied to physical activity, cancels a common opinion of dependence between needs and places, where places are adjusted to single training requirements of their customers.

That’s why we have created HIDA (Human Interface for Dynamic Architecture), a range of innovative products that allows tocover innumerable needs for physical activities, disregarding a place where they are performed. Thanks to HIDA potential any place in any moment can become a perfect setting for performing healthy active training.