Hida Compact Bench

Hida Compact Bench, the first product of HIDA line.

It is an extremely compact, multifunctional, complete corner gym that can be converted into any kind of furniture, such as a portable ottoman. This fitness machine is very versatile and can be adapted to all your needs.

Hida Compact Bench is a folding fitness bench, equipped with specific exercise accessories for different types of training. It is supported by four twin wheels, which increase the maneuverability.

The headrest is designed for dynamic head support while the unique racks are designed for hooking up to 14 elastics and the special feet guarantee the maximum stability in all situations.

In a few seconds, thanks to Hida Compact Bench, you can convert your room into a professional home gym to do exercises in complete autonomy, respecting your privacy and your time.

Hida Comapct Bench is the best professional exercise bench in only 1/8 cube meter.

Hida Comapct Bench is a workout machine 100% made in Italy. The product is patented and tested TȔV Sud.
In 2013 it won the award as “best innovation product for Hotel & Spa” at RHEX, the international fair of Hospitality in Rimini.

tuv sud certification


certificato made in Italy

Step 1 – Hida Compact Bench:  a compact, complete, home multi gym (disguised in whatever piece of furniture you like)
Step 2 – a complete corner gym for home fitness – real portable exercise equipment
Step 3 – a professional fitness and weights bench for your home gym ideal for any kind of exercises

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A Compact, versatile, ease-to-use multifunctional exercise machine


Integration into any piece of furniture;


Large variety of fitness gear (professional elastic tubes, carabiners and weight set) and training accessories suitable for all sports;


Huge range of colors and possibility of customization both for the cover and for the internal fitness equipment;


Dumbbell with a professional shockproof and scratchproof surface;


Exclusive design Made in Italy;



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